Paul Wilson

Are you ready to join us in spreading peace and quiet throughout the world? Here's how we'll do it.

If we can get a million or so people meditating or being peaceful for a few minutes a day, do you think the world be a more peaceful place? That's exactly what Gandi thought, too. And the Dalai Lama. And Nelson Mandela.

And if this "spending a few minutes being peaceful" became a global trend, do you think it could achieve what the world's politicians and spiritual leaders have failed to do?

You bet.

So we're funding a global initiative in this area. It's calledmillion meditators.

To begin with, Million Meditators is a website that helps meditators create and participate this mega-trend.
You'll find a growing list of hints, suggestions, techniques, shortcuts. But above all, you'll have access to interviews and suggestions from some of the worlds most influential teachers, spreaders of peace, yogis, musicians, gurus ... who knows who else.

You can be part of it now by just clicking HERE.