Paul Wilson

The Quiet: a simple answer for complex times

You can enjoy something similar to what Paul Wilson wrote about through the Quiet Practices.

These are intensely enjoyable in their own right. Once you get the hang of them, they'll become the cornerstone of your day. Not just because they bring a bit of peace and stability to your life, but because you find them profoundly fulfilling. Then you start noticing changes in yourself, such as a new sense of clarity beginning to emerge. Before your very eyes, things start falling into place.

There has never been a moment like now

If ever there was a moment in history when some inner quiet would be worth fighting for, it's now.

The climate is changing, rogue states have nuclear bombs, terrorists could be anywhere, we're getting fatter, noise and commercialism has gotten out of hand, values are shrinking, and you're working longer and harder than ever before ... where's it all going to end?

It's never going to end. That is why The Quiet is so timely. And so essential to this day and age.

Paul Wilson has synthesised the teachings from dozens of traditional schools of meditation into a group of "Quiet Practices". Seeking the same physical, emotional and spiritual benefits as the traditions offers, he overlaid a range of shortcuts that 30-year meditators intuitively use. So the Quiet Practices are easy to understand, easy to fit into your day (they can be performed in the time it takes to make a cup of tea and drink it), yet profound in what they can do for your state of mind.

In other words, they're custom-designed for a busy, non-stop life - not for the mountaintop.

At the most basic levels, the Quiet Practices help to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing by:

compensating for a stressful lifestyle

leading to a much clearer mind

producing a more stable emotional state

Then they go further. Much further. They have an ongoing impact on your state of mind:

encouraging a happier and more contented frame of mind

producing inner peace

Even then, you're only on the first part of The Quiet. Book B takes you further again. Once you've produced all these benefits for the body and mind, how can it enhance the spirit?

Although we don't sell books on this site, you can purchase one here.

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