Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson describes himself as a spiritual "uncomplicator". Others describe him as a teacher, author, columnist, musician - with a focus on meditation and peacefulness.

Until he went on an extended retreat in 2009, he used to write a syndicated newspaper column on meditation with a weekly audience of several million. He also used to do something similar online through Million Meditators.

He's the author who wrote all those books with 'Calm' in the title (over a dozen, in 24 languages, more than 10 million in sales), and started the 'little book' phenomenon that swept the world with the Little Book of Calm

He is equally well known as a teacher of meditation. In the Eighties and Nineties he introduced millions of readers to its wonders. There are more Paul Wilson books on meditation sold around the world than from possibly any other author. According to one estimate by a journalst at the Independent he has taught over 1,000,000 people to meditate. His methods are taught in India, China, South East Asia, the Middle East and in dozens of western countries.

London's Financial Times says, 'his mixture of traditional meditation...positive thinking and commonsense has...persuaded millions to buy into his philosophy.' In Europe he is known as 'the guru of calm'. He's the only meditation teacher listed in Who's Who.

He thrives in a number of worlds where peace of mind is longed for but seldom achieved - among other things he's been a businessman, has served on many company boards, has been a corporate adviser and director of a medical research foundation.

These days he's been keeping a low profile. Living outside of Sydney, spending his days surfing and writing, and focusing on his music (recently in a blues band, and before that leading a rockabilly band you might have seen at the Tamworth Music Festival these past few years).

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