Paul Wilson

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Growing up in solitude of the Australian Outback meant Paul Wilson had endless opportunity to experiment with how his mind worked. This led him to develop both concentrative and mindfulness practices at a very early age, which led to his being recognized as a teacher in his teens.

He has been studying and teaching meditation ever since.

However his focus has always been on how to relate this practice to a busy, contemporary world. Believing that most people were too tied up with daily life to put in the hours that the traditional meditation approaches required, he developed an alternative - one that would deliver the same benefits in a more streamlined way. When his book about this, The Calm Technique, took off around the world in the 80s, meditation was very much on the mainstream agenda.

In the 90s his team of rearchers developed a range of even more streamlined meditation methods. These have been covered in a number of his books.

Now, with Calm No Matter What, Wilson simplifies meditation even more. And enables you to take it further into the spiritual world than most books allow.

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