Paul Wilson


Wouldn't you love to have the time and space to be able to accommodate all the parts of your life - work, play, family, relationships, personal development, as well as all your dreams and ambitions - without working harder or longer?


In Perfect Balance, Paul Wilson reveals how to establish the balance between all the competing parts of a busy, active life. So that:

  • you feel you have all the time in the world - for family and friends, for your own needs and development
  • your world is simpler and less cluttered
  • you perform at your best
  • you quickly recover from setbacks
  • you get more of a buzz out of what your do
  • you know what is important, and what is not


Getting your priorities in order

As a bonus, Perfect Balance comes with
Paul Wilson's The Life Priorities Calculator.

This is an ingenious way to bring order to all the competing parts of your life, loves and career.

For example, there are choices and opportunities whichever way you turn. Can you respond to them quickly? Or do they become just another pressure you have to cope with?

There are everyday events that some people find overwhelming, yet others take them in their stride. What does it take to be able to take things in your stride?


There's an important decision to be made, right now. Can you make it with ease and confidence? Or does it become yet another responsibility you have to deal with today?

You need more balance in your life. More time for your family and yourself, ideally at the same time as you get ahead. Do you know what to concentrate on, and what to let go? Or do you struggle to fit it all in?

When you have a clear idea of your priorities, all of these answers fall into place.

This is what the Life Priorities Calculator does for you.