Paul Wilson

If you've read abou the Calm Centre in the past, you would know it as a research group.

That's what it's been for the past decade or so - a collection of researchers, psychologists, musicians, producers, etc whose focus was anything to do with peace of mind, coping with modern pressures, improving performance, how the brain works, how music and sound effects the mood, and so on

Much of the Calm Centre's work was in the areas of meditation - especially on how to reproduce what long-term meditators experience in faster, more streamlined ways.

In recent years, Paul Wilson has returned to basics with his teachings. He no longer cares for the explanations and rationalisations, but focuses almost exclusively the results. Most of his efforts are now devoted to introducing more people to the powers of meditation.

So they can find some peace of mind in a busy, non-stop world.

What's the Calm Centre do these days? Not much. A few not-for-profit retreats each year, and Wilson's teaching.